When it comes to wood watches, none of them can be seen the same because of the variety of material available to create them. The material is totally natural and no synthetic material is ever used to design the watch. The reputed companies have dedicated designer and crafting teams which just precisely design the watch to not only look good but should also last longer. Zebrawood is the type of wood, which is used to design the watches. The wood is stunning and because of complex textures and look, it is perfect material to create a stunning looking watch.

Many reputed brands are now using zebrawood in their designs to create unique and stunning looking watches.  Some of the luxurious fashion brands are turning to the zebrawood watches to create high end and best quality best wood wrist watches. This type of wood is normally paired up with the other type of darker wood such as sandal wood and ebony as well as the dark watch elements such as number and black watch hands. The darker elements usually work as the contrast against the complex appearance of the zebrawood and its bright complexion.

In the 1773 the Zebrawood was first appeared and when 180 pieces of zebrawood, imported from Central America. In later years, other sources were found In Africa and Brazil.  Today, in Asia and the Pacific the zebrawood is harvested. The name is derived because of the light brown with dark blackish brown lines, which resembles heavily to the zebra stripes. The pattern or grain can be wavy or aligned mostly depends upon the cut of the wood.  The texture gets extremely smooth after the finishing and can even get smoother if the hands of professional craftsmen touch them.  It is commonly used in boat building, veneer, furniture, and tool handles.


As it is assured that the beautiful wood watches have no restrictions to any sex or occasion to be worn by any but, the zebrawood watches are well suited to those who want their fashion accessories to be more casual then formal. The impression of being an active wear can be seen when it is worn with the casual clothing or going to the bar with friends. Zebrawood watches are a perfect gift for a person with outgoing nature. Visit Apachepine if you want to have the perfect wood watches for you or your loving ones.